April 13, 2016

First thyssenkrupp TWIN® Elevator in U.S. at Georgia Tech

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TWIN in Atlanta

TWIN is a relatively new product installed in a growing number of buildings in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Two elevator cabs are installed in a single shaft to increase the efficiency of traffic movement without increasing the physical space and costs required of additional elevator shafts.

The product is especially beneficial in large buildings with a significant amount of inter-floor traffic. If a tenant occupies floors 30-35, for example, employees of that tenant can quickly travel between their occupied floors at the same time another cabin in the same shaft might be taking a passenger from floor 10 to the lobby.

Phase II of Georgia Tech’s “Technology Square” in Midtown Atlanta will break ground on April 20th, and the new building will feature TWIN for the first time in the U.S.

Fig. 1. TWIN Promo Video by thyssenkrupp Austria

My Role in TWIN

I have been in the software development group at thyssenkrupp Elevator Manufacturing, Inc. about eighteen months. For much of this time, I have been developing automated scenarios and expanding the framework used for testing our elevator dispatching algorithms.

With this announcement, I will likely spend much of my time in the coming months testing the different dispatching required for TWIN. Since subsets of the codebase are not shared across regions, this first installation of TWIN in America will require extensive verification. Safety is a top priority, and this product poses some unique challenges in that arena as you can imagine.

It should prove to be a rewarding project to work on.

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