January 19, 2016

Front-End Development Sample

Disclaimer: I imported this post from WordPress to Jekyll on 9/2/23. Forgive the misformatting until I get a chance to clean it up.

[![JPG Export of PSD for Front-End Development Mockup](/assets/img/sampleFrontEndMockup_cb-297x300.jpg)](/assets/img/sampleFrontEndMockup_cb.jpg)
**Fig. 1.** JPG Export of Layered PSD from Which I Developed My Mockup

When I was hunting for the position I am in now with thyssenkrupp Elevator, I had also applied to a couple of web development roles. One of the potential employers asked me to create an HTML and CSS static page based on only a layered PSD mockup that they provided. Fig. 1 is an export of the PSD they gave me. I whipped this up over the course of a few days, and I wanted to share this front-end development sample on the blog for posterity. The “Quanto” button will take you to my finished result. It is not a perfect render, but they received it with satisfaction by the potential employer. As an aside, I used the Pure CSS framework to speed along the process.